Reasonable and Temporary

We went to a prayer group recently. Don’t worry we were safe. However, many people were surprised to see us. They, for whatever reason, didn’t realize we are still in Wisconsin. I think their idea of staying in temporary housing means something different. Temporary housing means, for most, less than a year. For most, these ideas of temporary and reasonable would be true.

Temporary housing when you have survived a disaster and are at the whim of your homeowners insurance means something different. It means, where you stay while we give you a reasonable amount of time to rebuild your home. *Sigh* Reasonable and temporary mean something completely different to me now.

Our insurance company has determined that we have had a reasonable amount of time to rebuild and is denying us payment for rent in our temporary housing. We, like most people, cannot afford to pay rent for temporary housing and our mortgage (Yes, you still have to pay your mortgage while you replace your home.) We have four children to care for and Matt must have a place to work from home.

We will be in Wisconsin until September 30, 2020. We are fortunate in so many ways. Matt is still working. We are all healing. We tell ourselves everything will be fine as long as we stick together. We believe God will intervene and show us the way. We do ALL we can to stay together and make progress on our home and in our lives.

Keep us in your prayers.