Hot August Nights

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In August 2018 our two littlest and I arrived at our new dream home in Paradise, California. Only two people could ride in the moving van with me and we decided the older two would be better help to Matt. He would continue to work from company headquarters and bring the bigs and our car in a separate trip. His California license had not been granted and I needed to unpack and set up his office so he could test phone lines to work from home.

The bricks on the left are from our home garden in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin and still have these bricks, even after the fire. I will make a Paradise garden feature with them once we get back to Paradise; maybe they will line the path to our new front door. La Crosse has been our home for the last ten years and welcomed us back when we needed help after the fire. I love the people and beauty of Wisconsin and it will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. So, why did we leave?

Matt's work requires him to be licensed in the western states and my family is on the West Coast. So, we found an affordable home in a perfect setting with weather I can garden year round in. Every night, when I spoke to Matt and the kids, I reported on the adventures of our new home. The adventures were to go visit Autie Lala, go up the lane to the mailbox, walk the dogs, unpack, go to Chico for supplies, go to fruit stands for yummy, fresh produce, go to the river, ride horses, get chickens, make soap, make crafts, home school, visit family and much more.