Buy One, Donate One

After the initial survival of the fire, Thanksgiving was the first holiday we celebrated. It was pretty easy to celebrate in gratitude that we survived. Christmas, however, was an introduction into the harsh reality that we had lost so much more than just dishes and furniture. Photos are the first thing that comes to most people’s mind. But, for me, Christmas was hard.

Joe makes medallions into ornaments

So, this year, we decided to make ornaments to sell outside burn area and donate to those rebuilding in the burn area. When we went back to Paradise, from our temporary housing in Wisconsin, to check on our lot we gave some away to those in our zone. These neighbors, were grateful, if not stunned. It was wonderful to reconnect with something they could hold with past, present and future meaning. We hope that this gift will help survivors begin to build back their Christmas ornament collection. They know who gave it,you, and who made it, their neighbors. #teampoje #paradisestrong #buttestrong