So . . . Paradise

On November 8, 2018 we awoke to fire. I will get to our escape. First, I would like to explain our loss. You may see from past posts, some of our story, but there is more. Beginning with the reason we moved to California, how it came about and why I was there with the children without Matt on the day of the fire. I will start with a brief history of our family and then, I am going to turn over some of the blog posts to each of the children.

When Matt and I were first married we desired to have a one-story home that we could entertain, garden and raise children that would feel welcome to always come back home. We had been looking near family, his in Ohio and mine on the West Coast. I never dreamed we could move to California until June 2018 when I went to a memorial service for a very close family friend.

The Burns family and mine have been connected to my family for five generations. My mother babysat Bruce, Lizzie and Laura and they babysat me and my sisters. Our parents and grandparents lived most of their lives side-by-side. When I went to Lizzie's memorial service, it was the first time I was able to reconnect with Laura in about 20 years. I had come through a couple of years earlier to see her parents, but missed her.

As we caught up, she told me she had just bought a home in Paradise and that I should consider moving there. She said we could afford a home there. I truly didn't believe her at first. After all, our family home was now valued at $4.5 million and I never dreamed I could afford ANYWHERE in California. She persisted.

So, long story short, Paradise was in our budget and it fit all our criteria. I went home to La Crosse, discussed it with Matt and in less than a month, we were on our way to California. Yes, I move fast, literally.