Stocking Stuffers and Spa Gifts

Making Soap

I have been making soap for a few years now. I mostly make a “lye” soap for laundry. However, I have not been successful with laundry soap as it is not the detergent I need for my modern washer and modern sensibilities. So, I was only making liquid hand soaps for a while. Then, my daughter-in-law came to live with us. She is a beautiful woman and loves being girly. She asked me to teach her how to make soap . . .

Well, that was the catalyst for showing her how to make sugar scrubs and salt scrubs and the benefit of both. I also showed her how to make salves, lip glosses and lipstick. We went over beeswax, oils, fragrance, and colorants of all types. We discussed how to make mineral make-up and made all our masks for our monthly, now ritual, spa days.

This spa day ritual involved my husband taking our sons out on the first Saturday of the month for a male bonding activity and me staying home with our three daughters and having a spa day filled with manicures, pedicures, facials, massage, and girl talk and/or movies and music. Maggie took a serious interest in making soap and spa products and I told her she could use her new soap business to pay for her Spring trip to Washington D.C.

Her first items were to make a Christmas soap for stocking stuffers and lavish spa cleanliness. She superfatted it with castor oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. The castor and coconut give it a tremendous lather. She decided on a chocolate covered cherry soap that has little glycerin cherry balls embedded in the soap. I have tried this soap and she really hit the mark. It is luxurious in lather and emollients. My hands feel soft after use, even in the dry Wisconsin winter weather.

Please consider going to our shopping page and buying some of Maggie’s soap and spa products for you, your friends, and family.