Tibetan Terrier Puppies from the Beginning

We bought our dogs with the express purpose of breeding. Tibetan Terriers are a rarer breed that we fell in love with due to their medium size and family focused, owner-centric, loyal temperament. I will post more on Tibetans later. Because we now have puppies and here is the story.

Tying Day

Dharma and Tibbie tied today. I have never seen anything like it. I, like most people, assumed the “humping” was what made the female pregnant, but it turns out to be more than that. Many dogs will dominate by humping with no aim of procreation. When the female accepts the male, that’s when the deed is done. I knew Dharma was in heat, but I was unsure if I would notice if they mated. So, I was surprised to see the dogs tied together Tibbie was unable to escape Dharma’s grasp. The penis of a male dog is stuck in the vagina until the female releases it. I had read about this happening, but was not sure until I witnessed it.

Dharma and Tibbie tied twice, about a week apart.

Labor: Counting the days

Dharma and Tibbie are pals. I was not sure if I would need to separate them. Of course, I have read the benefits and practice of both, but have not witnessed Tibbie being aggressive or Dharma experiencing stress. I don’t plan to separate them unless one of these occurs.

On labor day/morning, Dharma did very well. For days, we knew birth was imminent so we made sure she had a comfortable, private whelping box available to her. We also made it a point to go to bed early and quietly. Each morning, we expected a surprise wake up to puppies . . . Well, apparently, some dogs like their master to be with them. . . ALL NIGHT LONG. I was shocked at Dharma's behavior when she whined for me to be close. But, as I am a trained birth and postpartum doula, I had no problem being there for her. She did beautifully. The only puppy I felt I needed to assist or touch was her last. She was so tired, she didn't turn to break its sack and clean. So, I did that last one, Lucky, for her.

Tibbie is a father

He is a good one. Not only did I not have to separate my dogs, they are doing better together! Tibbie took immediate attention to Dharma and the puppies. He nuzzled them to cover them with towels to keep them warm and cleaned their bottoms. I was truly amazed at how the dogs behave like family/pack.


They are beautiful.