School is in Session

This year, Poje Palace Industries is contributing to Providence Academy's scholarship fundraiser and Maggie's upcoming Washington D.C. trip in Spring 2018. Look for a new Christmas soap this year, inspired by the traditional chocolate covered cherry candy that we buy every year for daddy. Gabriel has a new mill and 100% of his proceeds will go to the Providence Academy scholarship fund.

Starting this family business has had a sharp learning curve in website design, blogging, marketing, distribution, and cost analysis of processes and products. My MBA will be complete in May of 2018 and I hope to pass on the knowledge I have learned about home industry and home economics to my peers.

Here is a cute picture of our Tibetan Terrier litter this year. We only have Paris, the runt, left for sale. All the others went to incredible homes and lovely families in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis areas. We sold to an architect, an oil company executive, a lawyer and a Polish immigrant who owns his own electrical company. Each has sent us pictures of the puppies in their new homes and they are all happy. What a blessing! I have never breed animals before and this has been a great experience to bring a rare breed to those who love it.