Welcome to Poje Palace Industries. Just as every man’s home is his castle and every families’ home has its own economics and industry, So the Poje family’s palace is the place where our home economics and industry comes to life. We have chosen to make our home industry one that not only maximizes the income my husband brings home, but we must append that income. We do so by selling products and services to earn money to donate to various causes and to keep body and soul together. PojePalaceIndusties.com facilitates our original goal of raising children who understand their responsibility to our community.

We determined at the beginning of our marriage that I would stay home to care for our children. This makes perfect economic sense. It also makes for the best human development by allowing nursing to take place properly and for the one person who loves our children more than anyone in the world to interact with them as they grow. When the children reached school age, reasons for staying home began to change, both economically and developmentally. As each one grew less dependent on me for basic needs and as we are blessed to be near a school we feel confident loves our children and family enough to educate them properly, we began to reconsider the arguments for staying home.

My husband and I both come from parents of the baby boomer era. My parents were real “California hippies” and Matt’s parents also went with the modern 1960's and 1970’s ideas of the day. That is to say, both of our parents worked outside the home and our mothers’ careers were important to them. So, I began to finish my undergraduate degree and am now finishing up my graduate degree. I have one more semester and I will be done. However, our ideas are still different than our parents. It took us blindly following the world’s idea of what we should be doing to determine that I should really still be home. Now we must, like most families, figure out how to justify staying home economically by maximizing savings, reducing spending, living frugally and even working from home to off-set the financial opportunity costs of staying home.

Poje Palace industries was born out of the necessity to sell our homemade products and do our children's school fundraising in one place. The kid’s school requires us to fundraise every year because we are on a scholarship. The Poje family is responsible for $1500 to the Providence Academy Scholarship Fundraiser and Maggie, our oldest girl, has the opportunity to go to Washington DC in spring 2018. We must raise funds for these so Poje Palace Industries (PPI) was born.

PojePalaceIndusties.com currently has a blog and a shop to allow us to communicate with our community and, hopefully, inspire others to create a home economy that facilitates your own industry. My thesis for my Masters Degree is Home Economics and how supporting the stay-at-home-parent increases productivity of the laboring partner. PojePalaceIndusties.com also has a shop that has all current products with proceeds going to charity. All PojePalaceIndusties.com products and services have a minimum of 10% that goes to charity. All current products are in such small volume that the entire profit goes to Providence Academy and the Washington DC trip. In future, we regularly give to Heifer International, water.org and Semper Fi Fund.

Please explore our website and send me a message if you have any comments.

Caritas in veritate,